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 ignorantly stupid…ignorantly ignorant

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ignorantly stupid…ignorantly ignorant Empty
PostSubject: ignorantly stupid…ignorantly ignorant   ignorantly stupid…ignorantly ignorant EmptyFri Jun 25, 2010 2:01 am

Originally from my friend blog..
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Sometimes people are so ignorant, very ignorant, stupidly ignorant. why does it happened? well who knows. human behaviour is complex enough to be discussed at any specific level.

why can we be so ignorant that we ignore all clear signs surrounding us until we let ourself to be used by someone else. WHY, WHY and WHY. educated yet very ignorant. what a moron. i know these are very strong words that i chose to use. i am very sorry if you feel offended when reading this entry. this entry is not meant for anybody, this is from personal experience.

being ignorant can lead to many bad things. a very simple example is how hard it can effect our relationship with other people, especially our dearly friends. how can we forget and ignore a friend that help us go through any humps and bumps in our life. how could we simply ignore them and how could we turn our attention to someone who is clearly using us for their own benefit.

we are just utterly stupid if we let others do that to us, and those who manipulate us is simply a two-face cunning moron. but suprisingly, some people enjoy being manipulated, it’s like an ‘in-thing’ for them. what the heck…

some people are willing to lose friend just to other manipulate them and use every inch of their God-given soul. how sad is that?

well, it’s happening in front of my eyes every single day…so i’m kinda speechless when it really happened because you start to wonder what is this people doing, what is happening inside their complicated brain that they are unable to notice and realise all the clear signs being displayed in front of their beautiful eyes.

i am just so dissapointed when i see two very close friends fight against each other just because of one stupid manipulating person.

enough said, come on guys, look around us, be AWARE!!!

stop being MANIPULATED!!!

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ignorantly stupid…ignorantly ignorant
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